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Diamond quality is graded by the color the stone does or does not possess. The diamond color scale indicates color and rarity; a D diamond is colorless and therefore very rare and valuable.


The cut of a diamond can show how the performance of light optimizes the stone’s brilliance and sparkle. Each diamond shape will be cut differently. Each cut is determined by the location of any inclusions, the stone’s natural color, and original shape of the rough stone. An excellent diamond cut is one that is not too shallow or too deep.


The natural characteristics of a diamond can be distinguished by the diamond’s clarity. The clarity can be present either on the surface of the diamond or within the stone itself. The clarity scale below shows that a crystal clear, flawless diamond is marked as “FL”. An “I” diamond indicates that there are inclusions visible to the naked eye.


A carat is the unit of measure used to indicate the actual weight of the diamond.  For a frame of reference, a single carat diamond is equivalent to .2 grams or .007 of an ounce. The weight of a carat can be divided even further by using points.  There are 100 points in a single carat, so a .25 carat diamond can also be expressed as 25 points.


When that once-in-a-lifetime event arrives, you will know it as ‘your moment.’ The instant that two people decide to marry is probably the most intimate and important time of their lives. In that moment when two become one forever, a bond is forged. As a symbol of that bond, diamonds have evoked the magic and romance of love that has spanned the centuries. At Scottsdale Fine Jewelers this age-old tradition is brought to life with imagination, artistry, love of craft and a true passion for excellence that every customer comes to enjoy.

For those who shall bond as one, there is no greater joy than in selecting the symbol of their union, a beautiful diamond engagement ring. This is the moment for which the undisputed king of jewels was created! Diamonds define the love, the trust and the exclusivity that only two people so intimately connected can ever know.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings
Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

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We invite you here to view some of our many exquisite bridal offerings to commemorate your special occasion. Of course, there is so much more for you to see and experience in person by visiting our salon at The Mercado at Scottsdale Ranch! Within our store you will have the pleasure of seeing, enjoying and purchasing some of the finest bridal jewelry that can be created by our master goldsmiths and their passion for the craft.

The “back room” at Scottsdale Fine Jewelers is becoming legendary for our uncompromising dedication to custom design artistry, exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship in the Old World tradition. We are honored by your trust in our creativity and passion for the art of crafting exquisite luxurious jewelry, and we stand by our reputation and our promise for your complete satisfaction.

Visit us soon and immerse yourself in a world of beautiful things, all brought to life from the hands of our dedicated artisans and goldsmiths. We assure you that we’ll do everything possible to make your visit a pleasurable and memorable experience!

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